Most of my personal projects can be found on my Sourcehut and Github; the things below are particularly of note. I also have an profile for any games I make.

Gem Chasm

Game - December 2023

This is a platforming action game I created in the Godot game engine in one month for the Metroidvania Month 22 game jam. It achieved second place out of 93 entries in the ranking!

Play it here!


AI - May 2023

This was originally created to supplement my BSc Computer Science dissertation, but I have been remaking it since (coming soon!). It is a machine learning artificial intelligence with a customised neural network that plays the classic video game Rogue.

The source code is available on Sourcehut.


Web app - June 2021

This is a simple message board app written in Flask and Python. Currently supports creating boards, threads and replies, currently working on more advanced features such as markdown and replying to a specific post.

The source code is maintained on Sourcehut.

Renegade Princess and the Dark Tower

Game - April 2021

This is an experimental action platformer game made in Godot within 2 weeks for a local game jam.

It is a game where you use a grappling hook to maneuver around, catch enemies and send them flying!

You can play the game here.

Connect Four with AI

Other thing - 2019

This was a game that I created for A-Level Computer Science. It is a connect four game written in Python that lets users play against other users or bots. The bots run on the Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm, a heuristic searching algorithm based on simulating future games.

The code can be found here.